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ALZOO Plant-Based Dog/Cat Indoor Training Spray

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ALZOO Plant-Based Indoor Training Spray - 32oz - Corrects & Prevent Unwanted Behaviors - Urine Marking and Destructive Chewing Suggested for Indoor & Outdoor Areas

*NATURAL BEHAVIOR DETERRENT: Stop your dog from ruining the house with this natural behavior deterrent! Our powerful spray will help you break bad habits like urine marking and destructive chewing.
*This product is a natural deterrent to help prevent dogs from repeating the bad behavior or going back into places where they have been before.
*SUSTAINABLE, SAFE & POWERFUL: It's also environmentally friendly with packaging made from recyclable materials!
*Clean the area to be treated and then spray liberally. It can be used in all kinds of outdoor areas and objects based on its instructions.
INGREDIENTS: The plant-based training spray from ALZOO includes both water and lemongrass extract, which can help your dog to correct and prevent unwanted behaviors.