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Daily Greens Glow Multi-Vitamin & Multi-Mineral Support* Flavored Meal Topper For Dogs And Cats*

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DAILY GREENS GLOW Meal Topper for Dogs and Cats*Mega health packed into a single, flavored convenient topper!

Looking to round out your pet's daily nutritional needs? In their natural habitats, dogs and cats instinctively seek out greens, fruits, plants and marine products to help balance nutrition and their body systems based on conditional needs and optimal wellness.

DAILY GREEN GLOWMEAL TOPPER contains vital USDA organic plants, fruits, super foods, marine vegetables, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fiber, inulin, FOS (fructoligosaccharides) and other critical trace nutrients to help deliver balanced nutrition for all types of diets and breeds of adult and senior dogs and cats.

DAILY GREEN GLOW MEAL TOPPER is used holistically to help maintain health in your pet, may help improve digestion and immune health, may help support healthy joints, skin and coat, may support heart health and urinary tract function and its antioxidant values may help optimize vitality and longevity.

Our whole food, organic, flavored meal toppers offer a convenient solution for pet-parents to top off their dog or cat's nutrition to help encourage whole body balance and to optimize feline and canine health.

We have unlocked the nutritional power houses found within the biospheres of the Amazon, Andes and Humboldt Current, to combine nature and science in our unique, flavored meal toppers to help balance vital nutrients with a taste your dogs and cats will love.

Developed for adult and senior dogs and cats, each super food meal topper is uniquely formulated to help optimize pet health based on conditional needs and achieve a balanced approach to nutrition, vitality and wellness.

Can be fed whole, as a treat, or sprinkled onto wet or dry food.

Separate serving scoop for dogs and cats. Available in chicken or turkey flavoring. Meets and exceeds AAFCO standards.


Contains a proprietary blend of plant, fresh water and marine extracts, fruits and vegetables, including Sacha Inchi and Kelp, Does not contain fish species proteins for pets with fish allergies.

Available in a convenient turkey flavored powder (AAFCO certified turkey flavoring) or unflavored powder. Flavoring meets/exceeds AAFCO certifications for quality and safety.

Scoop included.


Do not give to puppies, kittens, pregnant or lactating pets, pets with a heart condition, at risk for hyperkalemia, has gallstones, a bile duct obstruction, an estrogen related cancer, or is scheduled for surgery within 2 weeks.

Drug Interactions*

May interact with blood clotting (anticoagulant / antiplatelet drugs), immune suppressant drugs. May potentiate heart, diuretic, diabetic and some liver medications. May increase the risk of bleeding if taken with blood thinners, heparin, Coumdain, (Plavix(R)); may interact with NSAID drugs such as ibuprofen (Rimadyl, Tramadol, Motrin(R), Advil(R)) or naproxen (Naprosyn(R), Aleve(R)) and may interact with liver medications.


Cautioned for pregnant and nursing dogs and cats, for pets about to be bred, for pets using blood clotting, high blood pressure or diabetic medications, for pets diagnosed with hyperkalemia, for pets with an iodine sensitivity, multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Parkinson's disease, for pets taking immunosuppressants and pets using Warfarin (Coumadin).

DOSAGE:(please confirm dosage according to life stage of dog or cat)For adult dogs and cats up to 12 pounds: 1 scoop daily. (approx. 60 servings total).For adult dogs and cats 13-25 pounds: 2 scoops daily. (approx. 30 servings total)

For adult dogs and cats 26-50 pounds: 3 scoops daily. (approx. 15 servings total)

Organic adaptogen whole foods, super foods, super fruits, fresh water and marine vegetables and herbs

Scoop included to dispense powder

4 oz. / 113 grams