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Dr Woow Multifunctional 11-in-1 vitamin chews

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Every day health made easy thanks to Dr Woow Multifunctional soft chews, which are packed with a multivitamin blend niacin and Vitamin A B C D E to support the immune system during seasonal allergies and help with the cardivauscular system increase gut health thanks to pre blend and post biotic with YEA-SACC. Reduce joint pain while lubricating joints for better mobility. Dr Woow Multi-functional chews feature anti-inflmmatory fish oild that support skin and coat health thanks to its omega-3 and omega 6. Dogs go crazy for these mouth-watering peanut butter flavored soft chew supplements. Feel like a great pup parent for giving these premium treats made with natural ingredients with no added chicken, grain, corn, soy, or artificial ingredients. Plus, these soft chews are made in a kitchen that is powered by sustainable (solar) energy to make sure we do our part in caring for the planet. Great for all ages and sizes, including senior dogs.