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Call or Text 702-329-7382

Food Hall - Food Trays Inspired by Global Cuisine

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$16.18 - $18.08
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Perfect for sharing or under the christmas tree!

Note: all boards come with ingredient label, guranteed analysis, individually wrapped airtight and expiration date.

(12 month shelf life in airtight packaging)

Food Hall Boards
Where I take inspiration from my culinary backgorund and reimagine it for your dogs.
5 boards available in theme:

For more info - All boards have a recipe card in the photo section
1) Chicken & Waffles 6oz - for the brunch loving dog!

2) Sushi Bento 4.5oz - for the foodie dog!

3) Taco Truck - With Beef Lung Carne Asada (.50 more)

4) Turkey Dinner 5oz - for the dinner loving dog!

5) Yappy Birthday - Complete with To & From Tag!

hand-made / hand painted / quality ingredients