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Fresh Breath Dental Chew

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VIVUS' Plant-based Fresh Breath Dental Chews are soft and gentle for older, smaller, and sensitive mouths. Natural zeolites and enzymes help clean the teeth, while green tea extract and organic kelp help to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Parsley and cinnamon leave their breath smelling fresh and clean.

Our Fresh Breath Dental Chews are entirely plant-based and contains none of the most common canine allergens, making it appropriate as an oral health supplement for some dogs with allergic dermatologic or gastrointestinal disease. The active ingredients are natural and botanical, in a soft, gentle chew suitable for all dogs, including those with fewer teeth, small mouths and oral pain.

o Anti-bacterial effect to reduce plaque-forming bacteria on tooth surfaces
o Help reduce plaque and calculus accumulation
o Fresh breath support
o Antioxidant support
o Soft and gentle chewy sticks perfect for sensitive mouths
o No common canine allergens (animal proteins, corn, wheat, soy)
o No artificial color or preservatives
o 100% human grade ingredients
o Tasty plant-based cinnamon and parsley flavour

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