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"I Am The Snack" Blue Bath Towel

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About "I Am The Snack" Dog Bath Towel

Super absorbent and easy to use!?

The "I Am The Snack" pet towel is made to make drying your pet enjoyable and easy. With two pockets for your hands, you may comfortably hold your pet in place while drying them off.

It's designed from incredibly soft and absorbent fabrics, making it perfect for quickly drying off your pet after a bath, pool time, or a rainy walk. Additionally, the handy pockets? make it easy to dry off your pup's paws or belly.

Product Features:

  • Microfiber material quickly soaks up water off fur and skin
  • Hand pockets keep humans dry and wraps gently around your pet?EUR(TM)s body for quick drying process