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My Baby Girl Collar, Bow Tie, Leash Dog Set

Original price $89.45 - Original price $102.58
Original price
$89.45 - $102.58
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My Baby Girl Collar, Bow Tie, Leash Dog Set

Our "My Baby Girl" leash, collar, bow tie dog accessories set is made with high quality faux leather and gold metal hardware. Triple the elegance and glamour with our "My Baby Girl" dog accessories set. Why have one, when you can have it all.
The full dog accessories set consists of the matching collar, leash, bow tie.


  • Handmade in Canada
  • Hand-wash in cold water
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs

Dog bow tie size:

  • Length : 10cm (4.8inch)
  • Width: 6cm (2.5inch)

Dog leash length:

  • 120cm (47in)

Dog collar size guide:

  • XS: 15-25cm (6''-10) - Width 2cm
  • S: 20-30cm (8"-12") - Width 2cm
  • M: 30-50cm (12"-19.5") - Width 2cm
  • L: 45-70cm (17.5"-27.5") - Width 2cm