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Tough Ball Python Pet Toy

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Petique's Tough Ball Python Pet Toy, our most popular dog toy, is an all-time favorite for keeping your pets active with a simple toss, tug or chew! Dont be fooled by its soft exterior. Tough Tough Ball Python is reinforced with knots to boost pulling strength. Inside its body contains five quality squeaker balls and one hard ball to keep your pets excited and entertained! It's the toy that keeps on giving! The underside of its head is a rough, non-toxic hemp material that is naturally resistant to mold! Your pets have finally met their match with the Tough Ball Python!

  • FUN: FIVE large, durable squeakers & ONE hard ball
    • When your dog finally rips a ball out, you can continue to use it as a regular ball your dog will enjoy
    • Mentally and physically stimulates your pets when they play
    • Tug o' war!
  • BUILT TOUGH: Reinforced knots for tugging, chewing, playing & fetching activities
  • CLEANING: The coarseness of the hemp helps clean your pets teeth
  • A variety of textures
  • CE Certified

  • For tuggers and aggressive players
  • For hyper dogs or other hyper pets
  • For pets who love to play tug o' war
  • For pets who love to chew
  • For pets who love to destroy furniture, the Tough Ball Python will keep them preoccupied
  • For pets who love to play
  • Hemp is safe if accidentally ingested
  • For pets that love to play with ropes
  • For pets that love squeakers
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Tough Ball Python Pet Toy benefits you and your pet

Care Instructions
  • Machine washable with non-toxic soap or no soap at all
  • Hand wash with non-toxic soap or no soap at all
  • Air dry or line dry
  • Monitor your pets while they play because if they chew apart the toy into tiny pieces, it can create a choking hazard. This goes for any toy you give your pets


Product Weight: .95 LB
Product Size: 36"L X 4.5"W